Damsel in Distress…….

     So, I was walking along whistling and singing a happy song, when from behind me this reasonably attractive jogger passed by on the right. Nothing like a reasonably attractive jogger passing you by to cause your pace to quicken and your stride to lengthen just a little bit. I tried not to stare as she eventually jogged around a corner and out of site.

I’m walking along whistling and singing a happy song, when I round this corner and there she is not more than 20 yards ahead of me, just standing there all reasonably attractive and everything. Just as I got near her she turned and off she jogged on up the hill and around another bend. Well by this time my stride has lengthen and my pace, that of an Olympic hopeful. I’m thinking, I’ve never seen this person before. Who could she be? All so reasonably attractive and everything.

I’m walking along whistling and singing a happy song, when I crest a hill and round yet another corner and there she is again just standing there fussing with something of which I can not tell. I walk right up to her prepared to render whatever assistance, should any assistance be required by this reasonably attractive jogger. Priding myself on being rather an observant lad I noticed she was fussing with her earphones. Immediately I showed her mine, (earphones), and told her how happy I was with them and that they never let me down. We chatted about earphones for a bit, I told her the brand name of mine and how she could Google them. She eventually smiled sweetly and genuinely thanked me as she turned gave me a final wave and jogged off into the next bend in the trail.

As I walked along whistling and singing a happy song, I couldn’t help but feel the way a Knight in shining armor must have felt, oh so long ago, as he went away knowing once again he was there to render assistance and help a Damsel in distress.

Sometimes you take a walk, sometimes the walk takes you

Hiking along the Sunrise Side of Mt RainierA glorious late summer day hiking along the Sunrise side of Mt Rainier. Ever notice when one walks in the mountains the term is hiking while when in a more urban or suburban setting its walking?

According to Wikipedia walking is defined by an ‘inverted pendulum’ gait in which the body vaults over the stiff limb or limbs with each step. This applies regardless of the number of limbs – even arthropods with six, eight or more limbs.

Wikipedia defines Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain. People often hike on hiking trails.

In this picture, this activity would definitely be considered hiking. Yes hiking, no doubt about it.