Lake Union, Seattle

Houseboats along Lake Union, Seattle, WA

This morning I got up as usual at 5:00 AM and put on my walkers, dressed for my walk but instead of going out the door and on my walk I got in my car and drove to Starbucks. Now I know what you’re thinking, Mike finally figured out he could drive to Starbucks get his Venti drip and drive back home thus saving quite a bit of time.

Not to worry, what I really did was stop, get my Venti drip, jump back in my car and savor that tasty brew as I drove to Seattle. You see I had a meeting in an office building along Lake Union. Lake Union has one of the most incredible walking trails around it imaginable.So….. I got to walk along Lake Union before my meeting.

Couple of things, first a trip to Lake Union wouldn’t be complete without a picture of house boats; you know “Sleepless in Seattle” and all that…… But wait there’s more. My Mother was born, in 1923, on a house boat, on Lake Union, about 4 docks from where my meeting was this morning. Now is that cool or what? Thing is back in the day people lived on houseboats on Lake Union because they were too poor to live on land. I walked and shared memories of my Mom with myself, imagining her as a child, all happy and full of fun. You know I believe I could feel her energy there this morning, by the lake shore, as I walked along. It made for a beautifully memorable walk.