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  1. You were so right!! I was so bummed yesterday, it wasn’t funny. I can’t even sign in to the new site……but they’re working on it!!!! I knew you were walking 10k+ so I am too. This is a great forum you’ve created, Mike!

    • I know, right. I am working on this website but I am definitely on Facebook. Regretfully things are a bit upside down on WwW or Steps Balance or whatever… Am working to make contact with those from MST that I have email addresses for. Please stay in touch and most definitely keep walking, (I know you will) but gotta say it anyway. I have a Facebook Fan page called either My Steps Today or Walking 10,000 steps each day. (same place) You can go there log your steps and pictures and comments I am directing the others to this site as well…….. My Steps Today or Walking 10,000 steps each day are set up so we can log out steps, comments and post pictures. Please come over and by all means keep walking. Mike PS: I’ll be emailing you an excel spread sheet to log your walks. M

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